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Weekend Openings : 13th / 14th of April

Post # 1037 by Beau Buck on April 13th, 2013 ~ 05:56:37 PM
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Linfield Gallery is currently housing works by sculptor and ceramic artist Roxanne Jackson. Jackson explores themes of death and transformation through her work, focusing on natural processes of decay and destruction, particularly when they come in conflict with human systems. Nature is referenced, by illustrating its inevitable decay.

Jackson’s work also contains black humor, drawing on pop culture and the contradictions of contemporary culture and the natural world. She has been known to re-appropriate imagery from horror films, particularly the moment of transformation when a human becomes a beast. Jackson draws from the fact that horror movies depict a dark side of human nature, the creatures created in our collective subconscious ride the boundaries between animal and human conscious and subconscious.

Blonde Ambition | Roxanne Jackson
April 8 – May 11th, 2013
Opening Reception | April 13th | 3-5 PM

Linfield Gallery | James Miller Fine Arts Center on the Linfield College campus, @ 900 Baker Street SE in McMinnville, OR



Distant Revival is a new body of low-relief, cut paper pictures by mixed-media artist Michael Velliquette. Velliquete is known for his dimensionally complex works with paper. These works explores themes of transcendence, transformation and otherness. Signed copies of Velliquette’s book will be available for purchase at the opening.

Distant Revival | Michael Velliquette

Article source: http://www.portlandart.net/archives/2013/04/13th_14th_of_ap.html

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