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Rose City SPIN: Is Data Dated? by Arnie Rowland

Post # 4361 by Beau Buck on November 24th, 2014 ~ 02:58:13 AM
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In the past decade there has been an incredible explosion in the amount and kinds of data being collected, captured, combined, complied, concentrated, and subsequently culled. Companies are being stretched financially to collect, store, sift through, and find value from their considerable investments in data. On Premises Servers, Cloud Servers, Data Redundancy Sites, High Availability options, Back-up infrastructures and off sites storage –all with the constant fear of losing control of the data. We all know that Hackers are everywhere, working to find value in anyone’s security lapse, trying to find a way in. But do you realize that most economic damage comes from avoidable accidents, misuse, and misappropriation of data, from within the organization?


Arnie is a long serving Microsoft SQL Server MVP, has been a Subject Matter Expert (SME) working on SQL Server from version 2000 up through version 2014 training courses, and has recently been involved as a SME with the development of the SQL 2005 through SQL 2012 Microsoft Certification Exams. For over a decade, Arnie has also been a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and has served as a technical editor for several publishers, including multiple SQL Server titles in the Microsoft Official Curriculum. Arnie has served as adjunct faculty at both University and Community College. Clients include Fortune 500 and Multi-National companies, Federal and State agencies, foreign governments, nationally recognized training facilities, and local enterprises –both public and private.

Arnie is a Senior Moderator on the MSDN and TechNet SQL Server related Forums, and is a founding member

Article source: http://calagator.org/events/1250467425

Stories of a CFO with Ben Ertischek | CFO Leadership Exchange

Post # 4360 by Beau Buck on November 24th, 2014 ~ 02:58:13 AM
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Please join your peers for a three-part series of candid discussions with area CFOs. This series of events will cover multiple topics some of which will include, what it’s truly like being a CFO, how one becomes a CFO, how to make the transition to CEO (if desired) and lessons learned along the way. This series is intended not only for those that aspire to become a CFO but also for current CFOs wanting to connect with their peers.
Who Can Attend?
Current CFOs wanting to connect with their peers
Those that aspire to become a CFO or high-level finance professional
Service Providers are not eligible to attend

2014 Line-up Includes:

May 15th – Kelly Lang, CFO, Tripwire
October 9th –Mike Yonker, Finance, Nike
December 4th – Ben Ertischek , CFO, Viewpoint Construction Software

Event Details:

When: Thursday, December 4th
Time: 5:30 – 8:00 PM | 5:30 Networking Reception | 6:15 Presentation and QA
Where: TBD
Cost per event: $45 Members | $65 Nonmember (includes heavy appetizers and drinks)

Article source: http://calagator.org/events/1250467257

Learning Erlang made me a better engineer and architect

Post # 4359 by Beau Buck on November 24th, 2014 ~ 02:58:12 AM
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Nathan Aschbacher throws down on his favorite Erlang topic:

Learning Erlang made me a better engineer and architect.

Even if you don’t think you have a use-case for Erlang, don’t have an interest in functional programming, and find reading Prolog inspired syntax directly proportional to your increased consumption of Excedrin… according to Nathan Aschbacher (currently Chief Architect at Snapflow and previously Principal Consulting Architect at Basho) you should learn Erlang anyway.

Nathan will be presenting on his path to Erlang and functional programming, his initial disdain, his later begrudging respect, and finally his eventual love and nostalgia for all things Erlang-y.

Join us and share in the conversation.

Article source: http://calagator.org/events/1250467418

App of the Week: Cleen empties out your iPhone’s clogged photo library

Post # 4358 by Beau Buck on November 24th, 2014 ~ 02:58:08 AM
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As iPhone cameras have steadily improved over the past several years, it has become easier to use them as an everyday carry camera. But that comes with a drawback: users can also end up flooding their phone’s limited storage with images that they don’t need to keep. That can pose problems down the road for people who need to clear room for an update, or who run out of space to back up the images in their iCloud account.

Enter Cleen, a new app for the iPhone that lets users handle photo management with a simple gesture interface. It’s like Tinder for your photos: users select a group of images on their device, swipe up to favorite images they want to keep (and add them to the iPhone’s “Favorites” folder), swipe down on images they want to delete, and swipe right on images they want to deal with later.

delete-confirmOnce they’ve made their way through all the images, users then hit the delete button, and Cleen will ask to delete all of the images. Users have to confirm that they want to delete all of the pictures they’ve selected before any of them disappear, and users can swipe any image they want out of the trash heap before deleting.

The whole process is stupidly quick and wicked efficient. I’m able to breeze through a couple dozen photos in under a minute, and quickly clear up space on

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/geekwire/~3/DXtYwIAtB2g/

Portland Code School points to growing number of women among its ranks

Post # 4357 by Beau Buck on November 23rd, 2014 ~ 02:54:55 AM
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November 20th, 2014

Portland Code School points to growing number of women among its ranks

Portland Code School points to growing number of women among its ranks

As Executive Director of Portland Code School, I’m getting out and about a lot these days into Portland’s increasingly robust tech community, which is bristling with venture-funded entrepreneurial life. Our graduates are a foundational part of the ecosystem, helping to provide continuity of brain power for all these new enterprises.

The other day, walking through one of our classes, I was struck by the number of women in attendance, which prompted me to take a closer look at our total enrollment. To my surprise, the clear majority of students in our current cohorts is female. Our Web Foundations and Front End classes are predominantly female, while at the advanced end—like JavaScript immersion—women are still outnumbered. But not by that much!

It occurred to me that I was getting a different impression in my jaunts through all these entrepreneurial companies. I admit my sample size is small and my counting imprecise, but I don’t recall seeing many female faces in the tech ranks (or the executive ranks for that matter). But it’s hard not to wonder what this all means.

It’s not exactly a secret that historically programming and engineering have been heavily male dominated professions. But that appears to be on the verge of a real sea change. Women—particularly young women—appear

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/siliconflorist/~3/5cNOuz-OUto/

Write The Docs PDX: An Introduction to DITA

Post # 4356 by Beau Buck on November 23rd, 2014 ~ 02:54:53 AM
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During our November Meetup on RESTful API documentation, we heard about one system where automated documentation is processed through DITA, the Darwin Information Type Architecture.

For December, we will have a joint meetup with PDX DITA, our local DITA users group.

For food, we’ll try something different this time, a potluck. Jive Software will provide beverages. Bring what you think is appropriate for the season. You don’t have to cook; I might bring something from Safeway.

DITA is an XML-based model for single-source documentation.

Imagine writing your documentation with XML tags such as the tags that surround this paragraph.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to fight with word processing software to get the output you want!

For anyone who is used to WYSIWYG tools such as Microsoft Word, DITA is different. With DITA, you write content once and use it in multiple publications, without having to worry about formatting. You can output the same content to a variety of outputs, such as HTML, PDF, ePub, and many others. We’ll discuss these and the many other benefits of using DITA, as well as how to get started.

If you want to read up before the meeting, here’s a good overview of DITA: http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/524/what-is-dita-and-why-should-you-care

Leona Campbell and Melanie Jennings of Jive Software will be our presenters. They’ll be sure to leave plenty of time for QA.

Article source: http://calagator.org/events/1250467412

Decision Architecture: Building Robust Business and Technology Decisions — Oregon Enterprise Architects

Post # 4355 by Beau Buck on November 23rd, 2014 ~ 02:54:53 AM
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Decision Architecture tackles the tough problem of aligning the best decision-making techniques to the problem at hand and the resources available. It helps structure information to build, vet and reuse critical decisions. It incorporates risk, uncertainty, and stakeholder concerns into business, application and technical decisions.

Decision Architecture matches tried and true decision-support methods to each decision requirement. It extends these methods as needed with state-of-the-art analytical methods and makes the best use of modern team building best practices to enfranchise all stakeholders. It helps organizations build decision repositories so that decisions can be reused.

If you answer yes to any one of the following questions, then this event is for you!

Does your organization:

• Revisit decisions that were declared final?
• Make team decisions by edict or by the loudest voice?
• Have little confidence in decisions based on uncertain information?
• Not justify, record, or reuse decisions?
• Have projects that are over budget and time with reduced performance?

Guest Speaker:

David Ullman , Decision Architect, EA Principals

Event Details:

When: Wednesday, December 3rd
Time: 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Location: TBD
Free to attend but registration is required

Article source: http://calagator.org/events/1250467256

Science on Tap

Post # 4354 by Beau Buck on November 23rd, 2014 ~ 02:54:52 AM
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Science on Tap is a science lecture series where you can sit back, enjoy a pint, and laugh while you learn. Listen to experts talk about the science in your neighborhood and around the world. You don’t have to be a science geek to have fun—all you need is a thirst for knowledge!

COST: $8 online advance tickets, $10* suggested cover at the door

FOOD DRINK: Beer, wine, popcorn, and snacks available. You’re welcome to bring food into the theater with you.


From flying machines to computers to lasers to lidar, technology has revolutionized the study of earth science. That’s good news for Oregon, where scientists at the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries are using lidar to learn more than ever before about the widespread geologic hazard of landslides.

Engineering Geologist Bill Burns will talk about the destructive power of landslides, risks for Oregon’s people, places, property – even our beer – and how lidar is making a difference.

*A note on the suggested cover at the door: Science on Tap is mostly supported by money collected at the door. It is committed to offering educational opportunities to adults who want to learn, so if $10 is a hardship for you, please come anyway and donate what you can.

Article source: http://calagator.org/events/1250467419

Moleskine 2.0: This innovative notebook just crushed its Kickstarter funding goal

Post # 4353 by Beau Buck on November 23rd, 2014 ~ 02:54:49 AM
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Kate Matsudaira (GeekWire Photo: Annie Laurie Malarkey)
Kate Matsudaira (GeekWire Photo: Annie Laurie Malarkey)

Kate Matsudaira thinks she’s come up with the perfect notebook — and so far, it appears others agree.

The PopForms founder on Thursday launched a Kickstarter for Spark Notebook, which Matsudaira describes as a “notebook, planner and journal that combines form and function, giving you the tools you need to be the smartest person in the room.”

The campaign hit its $14,000 funding goal within 24 hours, and as of Saturday afternoon, has raised more than $24,000. Matsudaira is on pace to raise more than $250,000 when the campaign ends on Dec. 20.

The Spark Notebook is an all-in-one organizational tool featuring 200 pages that let you plan projects, list goals, take meeting notes, and fill out calendars. It also has 20 perforated pages, two-page markers, and ink-proof paper.


Matsudaira, a former exec at Decide.com and Moz, designed the notebook after struggling to find a physical tool that “had the functionality I needed that I also wouldn’t be embarrassed to carry into a board meeting.”

spark-notebook-weekly-layout-old-e1413579421181“Research has shown that people who take notes and set goals — and who review those notes and goals regularly — have better retention and more success than those that don’t,” Matsudaira wrote on the Kickstarter description. “Which is why I wanted just to create a place where both note-taking and reviewing your notes

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/geekwire/~3/SxVg6SAdE5o/


Post # 4352 by Beau Buck on November 22nd, 2014 ~ 02:53:14 AM
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Come out to our December Super Awesome Holiday Blowout Extravaganza! In case you have been hiding away from all sources of information, .NET is going open source! Much of the framework is going on GitHub and Microsoft is creating CLR for Mac and Linux.

And, Visual Studio Community – functionally equivalent to Pro – is available for free to open source devs and students!!

…and what do you know? Scott Hanselman is ENTHUSED!

Scott will share more about the direction that Microsoft is taking!

As a bonus, we’ll have Rex St. John the IoT evangelist from Intel Mashery showing off (and giving away!) some of the Intel’s Edison “computer on a SD Card” dev platform.

We will also be giving away *TWO* of the brand new Microsoft Bands! These are the hottest fitness devices *and* they connect to iPhone, Android, and WinPhone!

You know we’ll have Qdoba for food… and AfterWords will be sponsored!

This may be our best gathering yet!

6:00 p.m. Qdoba and Networking
6:30 p.m. Business and Intro Presentation
7:00 p.m. Scott Hanselman!
~8:30 p.m. AfterWords at Thirsty Lion SPONSORED!

Article source: http://calagator.org/events/1250467399

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